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The following featured birds can be seen in the garden of Red Mill House, within Daintree Village or on the Daintree River, offering excellent opportunities for birdwatchers visiting the Daintree area.

A complete checklist of Daintree birds, in order, can be found on our Daintree Birds Checklist page.

For more information on current and recent bird sightings:

Common Daintree Bird Species:

Little Kingfisher - Simon Fordham
Photo: Simon Fordham
Papuan Frogmouth - Mark Eagles
Photo: Mark Eagles
Pied Imperial Pigeon - Richard Fowler
Photo: Richard Fowler
Helmeted Friar Bird - Don Dolga
Photo: Don Dolga
Azure Kingfisher - Taro Okauchi
Photo: Taro Okauchi
Also, on the Daintree River a variety of species can be found including:
  • Great Egret
  • Little Egret
  • Intermediate Egret
  • White-faced Heron
  • Pacific Heron
  • Little Black Cormorant

For further information on Australian Birds we recommend Birdwatching Australia.

Red Mill House Daintree Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

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