Daintree Birds - Birding Checklist

Daintree Birding Checklist:

The following birds are found in the diverse habitats of the Daintree area. Some birds are common residents, others common migrants and others are more difficult to find. Unusual sightings have not been mentioned in this list, nor have waders.

Southern Cassowary UR   Lesser Sooty Owl UR*
Orange-footed Scrubfowl CR   Barn Owl UR
Australian Brush-Turkey CR   Papuan Frogmouth CR
Australian Pelican UR   Large-tailed Nightjar CR
Darter CR   White-rumped Swiftlet CR
Little Pied Cormorant CR   White-throated Needletail SM
Great Cormorant UR   Fork-tailed Swift SM
Little Black Cormorant CR   Azure Kingfisher CR
Magpie Goose WM   Little Kingfisher CR
Wandering Whistling-Duck UR   Laughing Kookaburra CR
Pacific Black Duck CR   Blue-winged Kookaburra CR
Grey Teal UR   Forest Kingfisher CR
Green Pygmy Goose CR   Sacred Kingfisher WM
Buff-banded Rail CR   Collared Kingfisher UR
Red-necked Crake UR   Buff-breasted Paradise KF SM
White-browed Crake CR   Rainbow Bee-eater SM
Bush-hen UR   Dollarbird SM
Dusky Moorhen UR   Noisy Pitta UR
Purple Swamphen UR   Lovely Fairy-wren CR
Great-billed Heron CR   Red-backed Fairy-wren CR
White-necked Heron CR   Fairy Gerygone CR
Pied Heron UR   Large-billed Gerygone CR
White-faced Heron CR   Helmeted Friarbird CR
Cattle Egret CR   Noisy Friarbird CR
Great Egret CR   Little Friarbird CR
Little Egret CR   Macleay's Honeyeater CR*
Intermediate Egret CR   Lewin's Honeyeater WM
Striated Heron CR   Yellow-spotted Honeyeater CR
Nankeen Night Heron CR   Graceful Honeyeater CR
Black Bittern SM   Bridled Honeyeater UR
Australian White ibis CR   Yellow Honeyeater CR
Straw-necked Ibis CR   Brown Honeyeater UR
Royal Spoonbill CR   Brown-backed Honeyeater SM
Black-necked Stork CR   Dusky Honeyeater CR
Common Sandpiper CR   Mangrove Robin UR
Common Greenshank SM   Pale-yellow Robin CR
Latham's Snipe UR   Little Shrike-thrush CR
Comb-crested Jacana UR   Grey Whistler CR
Bush Stone-curlew CR   Northern Fantail WM
Beach Stone-curlew UR   Grey Fantail WM
Masked Lapwing CR   Rufous Fantail WM
Black-fronted Dotterel CR   Willie Wagtail CR
Black-winged Stilt CR   Leaden Flycatcher WM
Pacific Baza UR   Satin Flycatcher WM
Black-shouldered Kite CR   Shining Flycatcher CR
Osprey CR   Yellow-breasted Boatbill UR
Black Kite CR   Black-faced Monarch WM
Whistling Kite CR   Spectacled Monarch CR
Brahminy Kite CR   Pied Monarch UR*
White-bellied Sea-Eagle CR   Magpie Lark CR
Brown Goshawk WM   Spangled Drongo CR
Collared Sparrowhawk UR   Yellow Oriole CR
Grey Goshawk UR   Olive-backed Oriole UR
Australian Hobby UR   Figbird CR
Brown Falcon WM   Victoria's Riflebird UR*
Nankeen Kestrel CR   Spotted Catbird CR
Superb Fruit-Dove UR   Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike WM
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove UR   Barred Cuckoo-shrike SM
Wompoo Fruit-Dove CR   White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike CR
Pied Imperial-Pigeon SM   Cicadabird CR
Topknot Pigeon CR   Varied Triller CR
Spotted Turtle-Dove UR#   White-breasted Woodswallow CR
Brown Cuckoo-Dove CR   Black Butcherbird CR
Peaceful Dove CR   Torresian Crow UR
Bar-shouldered Dove CR   Welcome Swallow CR
Emerald Dove CR   Tree Martin CR
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo CR   Fairy Martin CR
Rainbow Lorikeet CR   Australian Pipit CR
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet UR   Clamorous Reed-Warbler UR
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot CR   Golden-headed Cisticola UR
Australian King Parrot UR   Tawny Grassbird UR
Brush Cuckoo CR   House Sparrow CR#
Fan-tailed Cuckoo UR   Nutmeg Mannikin CR#
Gould's Bronze-Cuckoo CR   Chesnut-breasted Mannikin CR
Common Koel SM   Yellow-bellied Sunbird CR
Channel-billed Cuckoo SM   Mistletoebird CR
Pheasant Coucal CR   Silvereye CR
Rufous Owl UR   Metallic Starling SM
Southern Boobook UR   Common Myna CR#
Code:   CR
Commonly seen resident
Uncommonly seen resident
Summer migrant/visitor
Winter migrant/visitor
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