The garden at Red Mill House in Daintree
September 7th, 2014

What a fabulous week we have had here in our own garden at Red Mill House.  All too often people rush off somewhere else to find birds, when we have such treats right here. The final strangler fig to fruit …Continue Reading

To the UK and back
August 29th, 2014

After dashing off to the UK for a total of 6 nights and back our heads are still spinning, so it is great to be home and settled back in to paradise. The British Birdfair went extremely well with 24, …Continue Reading

Off to British Birdfair 2014
August 10th, 2014

Tomorrow the very long haul to the UK begins (down the back, all the way!) as we gear up to again organising and running the Australian Birdwatching display at the British Birdfair. Now in it’s 26th year,  Birdfair attracts about …Continue Reading

Fabulous mammals
August 9th, 2014

Again, an unusual year for us here at Red Mill House, with good numbers of nocturnal mammals popping in to say hello to our delighted guests. We had been accusing the Northern Brown Bandicoots  and Orange-footed Scrubfowl of effectively digging …Continue Reading

Fruits of the Forest
July 30th, 2014

        At the driveway of Red Mill House , stands a magnificent strangler fig ‘Ficus benjamina’ which is in full fruiting mode. An absolute treat for birders visiting Daintree with Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, Australian Figbird, Yellow …Continue Reading