Another season is underway as the Spring Migrants return

Can it be springtime already? The birds seem to think so!

Within the last few days we have seen the arrival of Metallic Starlings as they return for their breeding season and, now this morning, both Channel-billed Cuckoo and female Australian Koel have been seen and heard here in Daintree.
Spring is here!!!


In the meantime all our winter specialties are still about. Fantails, monarchs, trillers, gerygones, whistlers are all enjoying the plentiful insects.

The fruiting small-leafed fig (Ficus benjamina) in the driveway of Red Mill House has been terrific for Australian Figbird, Yellow Oriole, Double-eyed Fig-Parrot, Metallic Starling who are having a feast all day, every day while the fruits last. A large number of Wompoo Fruit-Dove are enjoying the Blue Quandongs in the yard as well – the fruit seem to be quite large this year.


Brown Cuckoo Doves are also plentiful as the Bleeding Hearts are in full fruit around town. It has been a very good year for fruit.

Several pairs of Papuan Frogmouth with young on the Daintree River and good sightings of Little Kingfisher, Azure Kingfisher and Great-billed Heron regularly on the river.