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Daintree Travel Hints And Visitor Information

How to find us

Red Mill House is in the village of Daintree on the southern banks of the Daintree River. We are easy to find in Daintree Village you will see our sign and a red flag on your left as you come into town. There is a small general store in town and several restaurants within a short walk for evening meals and lunches. See Map.

What to bring

The 'wet season' is from January to April and you will require light rain gear and walking shoes. Umbrellas are provided at Red Mill House. Mosquito repellent is also advised. While wet, it is a fascinating time of year for wildlife and the rainforest.

The 'dry season' is pleasant with little rain. Nights can be cool, so please bring a sweater or wind-proof jacket. Walking shoes are also recommended, but sandals are suitable for most outings.

Binoculars, sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent are always valuable to have.

Travel Hints

Red Mill House is making a concerted effort to reduce the use of resources and creation of waste, and encourage all visitors to the beautiful Daintree area to do the same.

A few things to remember for your visit to Daintree:

  • It is not necessary to hire a big 4WD the roads are either all sealed or are of good quality surface. To save money on rental and fuel, and to reduce the amount of fuel used, please hire the smallest model vehicle suitable for your needs.
  • Daintree water is award-winning it is the 'Cleanest Water in Qld', and even tastes good, so please don't buy bottled water. It is unnecessary, expensive and wasteful of resources.
  • Although air-conditioners are available, generally ceiling fans are all that is required for comfort. Acclimatisation to our local conditions is easier without air-conditioning. In the tropics, optical equipment is better not in an air-conditioned environment.
  • Consider environmental factors in your purchasing decisions. Wherever possible support local Businesses everything you will require can be purchased locally. Support local growers, artists and authors. Where possible Red Mill House buys locally and uses local produce. We also sell local crafts and books by local authors, as do the stores in Daintree.
  • Consider a donation to a local conservation group to help protect the Daintree Rainforest forever.

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